Sacramento (95827), California USA -

Weight Change Reports 
Beta (MDX2) Double-Deep Hive - 6 Frames 2 Followers 
Hive Top-feeder with dried lavender (This Hive is empty for testing + pending any swarm)

As of 2018 with additional solar shielding around ECU and Mast (not shown) and Alpha hive has been relocated.
Live Hive = BETA = MDX2.

Raw + 1hr & 24hr Running average Weight Trend Data for the Beta Hive

Beta (MDX2)  Hive
Hourly (1 Minute Average)
Daily (5 Minute Average)
Weekly (30 Minute Average)
Weekly 24RAW (30 Minute Average)
Monthly (2 Hour Average)
Monthly 24RAW (2 Hour Average)
Yearly (1 Day Average)

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