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Above is a model of the electric bee hive with acoustic transducers deployed within the combs. 

The initial introduction is available in the May 2011 issue of Bee Culture. 

A viewable portion is at: A method for observation of the vibro-acoustic and seismic activity within honeycomb

 Download the source acoustic file for the May 2011 Bee Culture article here:  June 25th of 2010 Hivesmack wav file


In the June 2012 issue of Bee Culture is a follow-up article exploring if Honey bees could be musicians, wow!  

A viewable portion is at: Can bees be musicians?

 Download the source acoustic file for the June 2012 Bee Culture article here:  Alpha_UpperF6_12_5_2011_1520pm.wav

Hive Year 2011 - Inspections

Download Hive Year 2011 Transucer files


April25_430PM_PostInspection_8khz.mp3 -MP3 Audio File

April11_1230PM_Pkg_uncaged_encoder_8khz.mp3 -MP3 Audio File

April11_1105AM_Pkg_cagedQueen_combdraw_8khz.mp3 -MP3 Audio File

April10_1155PM_Pkg_cagedQueen_combdrawHiveSmack_8khz.mp3 -MP3 Audio File

April10_1108PM_Pkg_cagedQueen_8khz_combdraw2.mp3 -MP3 Audio File

April10_1108PM_Pkg_cagedQueen_16khz_combdraw1.mp3 -MP3 Audio File


Download Hive Year 2010 Transucer & Audio Files & Reports


Download the June 25th of 2010 Hivesmack wav file from the article here:

Hear the Bees - a MP3 Audio File



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